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Did you know that 1 in 5 Brits either started a new business in lockdown or are hoping to start one in 2021? Whether you just launched your company or are setting new business goals, it’s time to talk about social media. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the value of connecting with your audience […]

You don’t need to have an English degree to be a good writer. Go back to basics and forget what you think you know, with my 5 top tips for better business writing. Write how you speak  Stop using words you wouldn’t naturally say aloud. You ‘use’ things, not ‘utilise’ them. You ‘get’ things, not […]

What comes to mind when you think of Ibiza? Late nights clubbing? Boat parties along the med? Or a romantic getaway watching one of the world’s most famous sunsets? I’ve just arrived back from a couple’s trip to Ibiza. We stayed in San Antonio, notorious with clubbers, during the opening parties. It was our first […]

In the wake of recent high-profile suicides, I wanted to discuss how I really feel about social media. As a copywriter, I use social media as a business tool. But I’m also a twenty-four year old using social media to catch up with friends, share aspects of my life and pass the time when I’m […]

There is no denying the beauty of Prague. The city is famous for its eclectic mix of architectural styles, each cobbled street a perfect ‘wish you were here’ photo opportunity. For my birthday this year, my mother surprised me with a trip to the capital. We stayed in the district of Malá Strana; the ‘little side’ of […]

Tomorrow is the first day of December. A month filled with trips to Christmas markets, indulging in food and drink, present buying and spending time with loved ones. But for those living with SAD, the new month signifies darker nights and dropping temperatures, feelings of depression, increased anxiety and sleep problems. I first realised I […]

Picture the scene: you’re lying on the beach, the sun is beating down on you and all you can hear is the crashing waves and the sound of music in the distance. Sounds perfect, right? Now imagine if that was your reality, waking up to blue skies and the beach on your doorstep, and getting […]